Appearances Can Be Deceiving

It appears that I’ve restarted the blog here at I’ve been setting up blogs and wikis for myself for about two years now, and I’ve barely used any of them. Most of the time, setting up a new web app is just an excuse to make a new theme. I enjoy designing the sites a lot more than I enjoy actually blogging or wikiing. (Yeah, that’s right; I verbed it.)

So, true to form, this brand new installation of WordPress features a new theme. It looks a bit like a chocolate bar. It makes me both hungry and happy.

Fun Geek Fact #1: In order to get the css z-index to work properly, you need to also explicitly specify the position rule for the element. That’s how I managed to get the chocolate bar title underneath everything else.

Fun Geek Fact #2: When you use position:absolute; or position:fixed; for an element on your page, the top:200px; rule doesn’t seem to work in IE. I found that that using margin-top:200px; worked as an alternative.

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