My Trip To

I was reading today about the deal between Google and AOL that includes $300 million in Google ads to get people to go to Apparently, AOL is losing revenue because fewer people use dial-up services these days, and they want to make up for it by getting people to use their web site.

Now, before this morning, I had never even been to, so I thought I’d browse over there to see if they had something interesting that I’ve been missing out on. I was immediately disappointed by a generic news/e-mail portal. Personally, I think that these kind of sites are nearly obsolete now that we have RSS news readers and the like. AOL is going to be more creative than that if they want all that ad money to be worth anything.

But the worst thing about my visit to was that as I was contemplating their dismal future and wondering what Google is doing associating with such crap, a giant blob of blue flew at me from the depths of and splattered on the inside of my screen. I’m not sure what it was trying to sell me; I closed the window before I was forced to be ill all over my Powerbook. Now I have two reasons never to bother visiting again.

In addition to providing millions in advertising to get people to go to AOL’s crappy site, Google is also going to start serving graphical ads on their search pages. It’ll be really disappointing if Google turns into yet another purveyor of obnoxious ads. The day I see a Flash ad on Google is the day that I fly to New York and kick Chris K’s ass.

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