I’m a Mac, I’m a PC (Reprise)

True to form, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon once again. So much for NoBloPwnMo. But, I got a comment on my I’m a Mac, I’m a PC post that deserves attention, so here’s another hit.

I’ve been accused of not using OmniGraffle to its full potential by jetfuel, who appears to be both an employee of The Omni Group and a King Crimson fan. Even without any evidence against me, I’d plead guilty to that charge. I only spent a few minutes on that image, and made no attempt to actually replicate the original. But, jetfuel took the time to do it right and created this:
Goat Urine (Reprise), http://jetfuel.metalbat.com/blah/Goat%20Urine.png

You’ve got to have respect for someone with enough pride in the product he develops (I’m guessing) to search out references to said product and ensure it gets the love it deserves by creating images of supermarket-packaged goat urine. And you’ve got to love the world wide web for making that kind of connection possible.

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