Caucus? They Barely Know Us!

I noticed last night as I was watching the results of the primaries come in that Obama tended to win all the caucuses. I checked the tally this morning, and he has won every caucus, with the exception of Nevada (where he still won the majority of delegates.)

I don’t know if this says something about Obama, or about states that use the caucus system, but it’s an interesting correlation. Is it that Obama supporters convince their fellow caucus-goers to come to their side? Or is it that caucus states are smaller, and more likely to support Obama going in? Is it simply that going to a caucus is harder than just going into a booth, so the voters tend to be more informed about the choices? Is it because the young’uns who support Obama like going to caucuses, because they’re kind of like keg parties?

My instinct is that it’s a combination of the more-informed-participants theory and the convince-the-doubters theory. If that’s the case though, it makes me a little sad to think that Clinton might be winning on name recognition. In case you haven’t noticed, America ain’t perfect, folks.

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