If it doesn’t say “Dvorak”, it’s not the real thing!

Micro Machine

I’m thinking of learning to type in Dvorak. My goal is to be able to transcribe John Moschitta, Jr. in real time.

2 Responses to “If it doesn’t say “Dvorak”, it’s not the real thing!”

  1. Wifey 14 years, 1 month ago ...

    Here’s the zine I found about how to learn Dvorak:

  2. cowboyd 14 years ago ...

    Sorry to comment so late in the game, but here is the dvorak tutorial that I, and about 4 others used in ’95 to learn the layout.

    It only takes a few days before you are able to survive. And after that, it’s only a week until you are completely fast.

    It’s totally worth it. good luck!


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