Brain Hacking

This is the first in a series of (likely) 1 entries about things that I think about in the shower. I tend to have some of my most interesting thoughts while showering, since there’s nothing to do but think. For me, the major obstacle in doing this is actually remembering what it was I was thinking about in the shower, which brings us to my first topic: Brain Hacking.

I was thinking about whether I’d be capable of listening to the NPR Justice Talking podcast and still continue to code effectively. I imagine it would be difficult to start with, but I think with a bit of practice it should be possible. Being able to effectively think about two different tasks at once might even make me smarter, a better cook, and more attractive to robots.

But if that’s possible, maybe it’s also possible to train your mind in other ways. For instance, as I suggested earlier, I have trouble remembering details; I’m more of a derive-it-yourself kind of guy. (In college, I used to rederive formulas to use on my physics tests because I couldn’t manage to memorize them.) If I could build a system in my head, an internal notepad, maybe I could also learn to remember things.

I’m not entirely sure what this would entail, other than actively thinking about the existence of the list in my head. Perhaps visualizing it might make it stickier, as the memory gurus recommend. It’d probably also be necessary to periodically go over the list to make sure nothing gets lost. But that sounds suspiciously like actively trying to develop OCD. We’ll see how that works out for me.